A Familiar Smell-

The sight is bearable, and there’s not too much care for it anymore…
The taste is unpleasant and reminds me of when I was a little girl.
The smell is familiar; I know it all too well.
The memories that come stringing along behind it linger for life.
People make their own choices, and I’ve made mine.
Striving to do and be better on a day-to-day basis;
I strive to make the better choices as the days go by.

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Garfield, Cali, Jemma and Irie… Only one of the very many chickens hahahha. Lots of animals in the farming life, Angela wants to get more… ^~^ 

Exciting stuff people…. Been super busy and that’s why I’ve barely been on…. But lettin’ you know I’m still alive and kicking.

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Palm Beach Australia From National Geographic

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Rice Terrace in China
From National Geographic

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She went from just a wee pup to a beautiful young beast (:
On our first road trip together. 

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My 2 month old German Shepard, her name is Irie and I love her so.

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   Very old photo….

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From my Phone Photography file, my home, my heart.

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Dear whoever,

I am taking on a new endeavor in my life;
a new path, if you will, and I couldn’t be more….
Excited and afraid at the same time.. 
I will be moving to a completely new environment,
the exact opposite of my paradise-like home, Hawai’i.
I’ve never been anywhere other than Oahu…
So let’s just say this will be new. Wish me luck….
Sorry I haven’t been on at all lately, slowly but surely
becoming the success I always knew I could be.

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Some days I’ll feel as if I’m stuck in a vacant pit overflowing with darkness. With no way to escape… And a silence that deafens.

              Other days I’ll catch myself staring up into the sky, wondering about all of things that will forever remain unknown, the people no one ever knew even existed, the things that the eye of man kind has yet to witness, the questions left unanswered. I realize we only live one life, I would rather die knowing that I lived it to the fullest measure possible, dieing the kind of person I would want to meet in the world. The person I would want to be. So I keep in mind what kind of changes I want to see in the world…

But in the future, I’ll just be another person that people never knew even existed at all

This is me in this photo and a caption I wrote over two years ago… My have I grown. Happy New Year everyone.

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Nujabes~~~~ played by these amazing second graders

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